Xbox Game Pass Quest

Xbox Game Pass Quests: How does it work?

With free Xbox Game Pass, you can play more than 200 games on consoles and PCs. But that’s not all since Microsoft has set up Xbox Game Pass Quests. Real challenges for players, these quests earn Microsoft Rewards points.

By accumulating them throughout the year, you can redeem them on the Microsoft store for a variety of gifts: prepaid cards, controllers, games, or even Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. How do these quests work? How often do you get them? We tell you all about Xbox Game Pass Quests!

Introducing Xbox Game Pass Quests

These console quests can be accessed through the Microsoft Rewards app or are present in your profile’s “Game” tab. You can also view them on the Xbox Game Pass mobile app by clicking on the tab at the bottom right “Profile.” These quests are grouped into four subgroups: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Completed.

Daily quests

You will be offered two quests every day (quest starts at 19:00 local in France, daylight saving time) where you will have to connect to the mobile app of the Game Pass on the phone and launch a game of the Game Pass program.

Simple, it takes a handful of seconds, and if you were wondering if you were starting a game Game Pass on PC via the Xbox (beta) app worked… The answer is yes! I want to remind you that PC Game Pass games are only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass PC subscription holders.

However, you should know that quests are only validated and accounted for once finalized, and on PC, you can’t do that. You’ll need to go to mobile or Xbox to do so and collect your points.

Weekly quests

These vary and disappear with each week reset. Most of the time, you will be asked to complete several daily quests, make a specified number of hits in Game Pass games (any), or launch a set number of games from the program.

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Regarding this last option, to be quick, throw several games on the fly in a row, and you’re done. This is where so-called “cumulative” quests appear, and losing daily points by your absence can be problematic. From assiduity, I tell you!

You may also be asked to install remote games via the app. Nothing too complicated in short except for some challenges in particular games that I would describe to you every week.

Monthly quests

Here you’ll find two types of quests, the so-called cumulative quests that will fill up over the weeks with the daily and weekly quests you’ll complete and the in-game challenge quests that they are related to specific games in the program.

They use the console’s statistical system linked to each game to track your progress and increment as you perform. A notification will notify you in all cases when one of them is completed. Practical, isn’t it ?!? I will tell you the methodology for each of them each time.

Completed quests

Do I have to explain? No, it’s good ?!? Ok.

Questions/Answers on Xbox Game Pass Quests

Do I have to do all Xbox Game Pass quests to get the biggest monthly cumulative quests?

No, a simple, quick mental calculation will show you that some may be missed or merely unrealized. Personally, and for example, by completing only 92 to 95% of quests, I’ve always unlocked “Quest First” at the beginning of the last week. So don’t worry if you miss a few, but be careful anyway.

Can I do quests with PC games?

I’ve already partially answered this question in the article, yes, PC Game Pass games can count on the launch of a game of the program as a daily quest.

During the preview of these quests, I had completed a monthly pc (SUPERHOT for that matter!), so no problem as long as the game is available in the PC catalog of the Game Pass, which I remind you, is different from the one on a console.

After talking to a player in the Ambassador program, it would appear that quests for installing remote games via the mobile app would not work or malfunction and would not be considered. Check it out.

Is it possible to participate in quests by being a secondary account on a console?

Not. Sorry, but only accounts with Xbox Game Pass console/PC or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions can participate in Game Pass Quests.

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I noticed on my family secondary accounts that Game Pass quests appeared in the same place in their profiles as my main account, but after trying, no unlocking.

The Quest Finalization Tab mentions “Join the Game Pass,” which indicates that quests (and therefore points awarded) serve as bait for players who do not have a Game Pass account but cannot perform those quests. Damage.

What time do Xbox Game Pass quests reset?

Around 7:00 p.m., French time. And inevitably, at the end of the current week, the new weekly quests will also appear at this time (Tuesday evening).

How many Microsoft Reward points can you earn with Xbox Game Pass quests?

A quick calculation to the ladle. Based on current points (variable according to Microsoft’s goodwill) to quests:

  • Daily: 5-5-30 – 300 points
  • Weekly: 150-4 – 600 points
  • Monthly: 1500 points

That’s a total of around 2,400 points per month or 28,800 points per year. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Add to that simple rewards quests, Week Streaks, weekly treasures, Bing searches… Here’s enough to buy a nice little subscription or a free DLC for your favorite game to see a free game outright!

Are unfinished weekly quests still available the following week?

No, I’m sorry about you. If you do not meet the requirements for a particular quest on time, it will disappear in favor of new quests at the end of the current week. No catch-up is possible.

Do I need to finalize Xbox Game Pass quests to get the points?

Yes. Running quests is one thing, but it’s by “finalizing” them on the mobile app or console in the right menu that assigns you points and validates them. Don’t forget to do so as soon as these are notified!!

Can Xbox Game Pass quests be completed with a trial offer to the Xbox Game Pass?

It would seem so, but with a 15-day trial offer, for example, you won’t be in a position to complete the monthly quests. Also, Microsoft reserves certain quests each week for Ultimate members, so a “standard” Game Pass trial offer won’t give you access to all quests.

That’s it; I think I’ve been around. Good game to all and good hunt for points! If anyone to a question I would not have answered in this post, do not hesitate to comment below, I will answer it with pleasure!!