Where To Find Springy Mushrooms In Pokemon Legends: Arceus For Mushroom Cake Marketing

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is all about capturing and battling wild Pokemon, but there’s also a heavy crafting element in the game. You’ll be making your own Poke Balls in the field as well as lots of different types of bait to attract wild Pokemon so you can distract them for a catch or make a quick getaway. One of the first sidequests, Mushroom Cake Marketing (Request 6), asks you to find a particular fungus called a Springy Mushroom so you can make a little Pokemon treat. Here’s how to get a Springy Mushroom.

Mushroom Cake Marketing Request

To start the side quest you’ll need to talk with Morel, a villager who hangs out near the Fieldlands Camp in the Obsidian Fieldlands area. You’ll need to have completed a handful of main story quests before he’ll show up. Once you do, he’s on a small hill just next to the camp, and he can be easy to miss since he’s standing symmetrically to a Galaxy Team guard. From behind, you might think they’re just dual sentries standing watch, but Morel is in fact a quest giver.

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Morel wants you to bring him a Springy Mushroom so you can craft his special Mushroom Cake recipe. You may already have a Springy Mushroom in your inventory, since they’re not too hard to find as you explore and farm for materials in the regular course of the game. If, however, you haven’t encountered a Springy Mushroom yet, there’s an easy (and cheap!) shortcut to completing the quest.

Just turn around and head back into the village, and find the crafting vendor Anvin. If you’re facing out from Galaxy Team HQ, Anvin occupies a shop to the right side, which has its own crafting table next to a wood pile. Anvin sells Springy Mushrooms for just 200g apiece, and you only need one to complete the quest.

Grab a Springy Mushroom, take it back to Morel, and he’ll show you how to make a Mushroom Cake. That will complete the side quest, and to top it off, Morel will also give you five Cake-Lure Base items. Those can be used to make more Mushroom Cakes, along with other types of Pokemon bait.

According to the in-game description, “These cakes are potently effective at attracting the more monstrous Pokemon, as well as dragon Pokemon.”

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