Create multiboot usb with ventoy

Ventoy: Create Multiboot USB Stick Easily

Today we’re going to talk about a fabulous tool released a few weeks ago. Many of you have told me about it, and I finally found the time to write an article about this excellent tool!

Great, because it’s open-source, and creating Multiboot USB sticks are very easy with Ventoy! There were already solutions such as Yumi or Easy2Boot, but here we are on something more straightforward and more powerful!

Ventoy is free, open-source, easy to use, and very light. Like Rufus, there is no need to install it. It is a portable application, and it will allow you to convert your simple USB stick into a Multiboot USB stick compatible BIOS and UEFI.

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Ventoy is very new, but it has everything that you need for bootable USB. Simple, fast, open-source, and with frequent updates, it brings new options. It is a great candidate for creating your Multiboot USB key.

There are other products such as Yumi or easy2boot, but today, it is Ventoy for what my heart swings.


Ventoy Features:

  • Boot directly on ISO (no need to extract ISO)
  • BIOS and UEFI compatible
  • Supports the Secure Boot
  • Unattended files supported
  • ISO over 4GB supported
  • Editable theme
  • Doesn’t affect the regular use of your USB stick
  • No reformatting required during an update
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The entire list of features is, of course, available on Ventoy’s website.

What’s the principle of creating a stick?

When creating your USB stick, Ventoy will create three partitions. One for starting on BIOS, another for starting in UEFI. The last for your data, but especially for your ISO!

In this partition, you will be able to put all your ISO, whether they are in a folder or not, it does not matter for Ventoy.

How To install Ventoy?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter right away, to what interests you the most! How to create your Multiboot USB stick with Ventoy.

First of all, insert your USB stick(fast if possible)into the computer. Be careful at this stage; your USB stick will be completely formatted, i.e., all critical data will be deleted.

Ventoy Installation
  1. Start by downloading the latest version of Ventoy from GitHub, which is more up-to-date than the Ventoy website.
  2. Unpack the downloaded archive and run “Ventoy2Disk.exe.”
  3. If need be, you can change the tool’s language by clicking “Language.”
  4. In the Options menu, you can select “Secure Boot” if you want to make your BOOTable USB stick compatible with the Secure boot. This is not yet 100% effective; sometimes, it will be necessary to disable the secure boot in the UEFI on the target machine.
  5. Once this is done, you can start preparing the key by clicking “Install.” You will need to confirm that you are well aware that the USB stick data will be lost.
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It will take a few seconds, if not a few minutes, on a USB stick slower than average.

That’s it! Your USB stick is ready, so you can now add ISO in the Ventoy partition create on your USB key. ISOs can be placed directly at the root or in folders; it doesn’t matter.

How To use Ventoy?

Your key is prepared; your favorite ISOs have been copied to the key; now, it’s time to switch to boot testing.

  • Insert your key into the target computer
  • Start on your key by going through the boot menu or changing your UEFI/BIOS priorities. (Find most BIOS/UEFI start keys here)
  • You should now be on Ventoy, and you should already see the list of all your ISO
  • Just select your ISO to start on! Have Fun!

How To update Ventoy?

Ventoy is a new tool and therefore offers regular updates. It is possible to update Ventoy easily without destroying the partition that contains all your ISO (practical!).

  • To update Ventoy, download the latest version of Ventoy on GitHub.
  • Insert your Ventoy multiboot USB stick into your computer
  • Launch Ventoy2Disk.exe
  • You should see the version of your key on the right and the version of Ventoy downloaded to your left.
  • Click “Update” to launch the update.
  • Ventoy is now up to date; you can use it now!

You now know almost everything about Ventoy, you can heat the USB stick!