Spoof Phone number

Trace a Spoofed Phone Number

Facts regarding fraudulent calls (How to track a faked number) (How to trace a spoofed number)

Certainly, over the years there has been a considerable number of bogus caller IDs. And also what I tag ‘privacy infringement’.
But not to worry much as I have here, 5 techniques on tracing a faked phone number. And furthermore, fraudsters utilize this approach to swindle consumers and even government authorities. Whereby misrepresenting their identification to be a well-known agency or individual to the government or major corporations.

But now, we have various tools for which we may utilize to suggest a false caller ID or for tracing a faked phone number. Better still, caller ID faker.

Certainly, the applications will guide you with how to track a faked phone number or better still, how to trace false caller ID.

I will mention some of the applications to you as we go on, so as to guide you on how to trace a faked call.

Meanwhile, in ancient conceptions, call tracking refers to capturing the position of the communication equipment.

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Unlisted Numbers

One of the numerous reasons you could be unsuccessful in tracing a number, is because it is unlisted. Which leads us to your first line of protection against unsolicited calls, which is to utilize an unlisted phone number yourself. Unfortunately, this cannot apply to all, such as firms who rely on public numbers to accept consumer or client calls. However, it’s essential to bear in mind that owing to a number being unlisted, it may prove to be too tough to locate online unless it was shared someplace.

To have an unlisted number, you just need to request it when you initially activate your line. However, there is no assurance that your new number has not been already advertised by prior owners. There is also the Do Not Call List, which is mentioned at the very end of this article.


Let’s dig into how we can also accomplish it lawfully. To conduct spoof calling, texting, or emailing, use applications like Spoofcard, SpoofTel, or Spoof My Phone.

Remember these applications are TRACING A SPOOFED PHONE NUMBER not entirely free and you need to pay or do anything online to acquire the credits for a very few free calls, after that you need to pay as per the plan.

Is spoofing good or bad, it is totally dependent to your usage. If you do anything within legal bounds, everything is okay, but beyond that, it is not… So be diligent. Don’t become a victim of such activities.

We recommend, utilize the following knowledge for the good of the planet, not the otherwise!


#5. Trace Mobile Number

Are you are frightened about mysterious calls and their location? Install Trace Mobile Number to determine from which state /telecom operator a mobile number belongs.

  • The Following are the Features of this App
  • Locate phone number area and state
  • Find address from map
  • Includes Videocon numbers, Landline Numbers, and Toll-free numbers
  • View Call log with operators details
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Since we have acquired all the top 5 applications for you, on how to trace a faked call or false caller ID. We will now look at how you can trace bogus calls on your own or possibly using the programs we provided.

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3. Enable “call trap” or “call trace” functions.

Maybe you are experiencing frequent harassment from an unfamiliar caller or a suspected scammer, immediately inform your phone or service provider. And probably seek for these services;

Call trap: After requesting a call trap, note down the dates and times you get harassing phone calls over the following couple of weeks (or for as long as your provider wants) (or for as long as your provider requests). Once you disclose this information to the phone provider they will identify the harassing number and report it to police enforcement.

Call trace: Once this service is activated, hitting the call trace code immediately following the harassing call will report the phone number to law authorities. (This code is *57 in the United States; your provider should advise you the code to use if you are in a different country.)

Often times call traps are typically free, however call traces may cost an extra price. If the call trap is not accessible, or if the harassment is serious, you may be able to convince your phone carrier to provide you a free call trace service.

1. BeenVerified

As one of the leading background search websites, BeenVerified is the go-to choice for everyday information. BeenVerified offers consumers access to billions of records from major sources, and most importantly, for over 10 years, BeenVerified has been devoted to privacy.

With BeenVerified’s Reverse Phone Lookup function, you can discover the identity of the owner and where the number originated. You could also uncover the caller’s true number or identity.

To trace a faked phone number using the BeenVerified website, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for BeenVerified.
  2. Go to BeenVerified’s Reverse Phone Lookup page.
  3. Type the phone number you desire to track and click SEARCH.

In the search report, you may get the background details about the phone number, including the owner of the phone number, age, email address, location and social media profiles related to the number. If the reverse search doesn’t produce any results, it may implies that you’re dealing with a faked call.

Please note that BeenVerified is a subscription-based service. If you’re not a member yet, today you can test BeenVerified for $1!

This unique deal allows you to look for the phone number you just input and run limitless reverse phone reports for the full trial time.

3. How to Trace a Spoofed Call through Mobile Number Call Tracker

The title of this program is enough for you to know its use. Mobile Number Call Tracker enables you to trace the location of the unknown caller. Just like the other two applications, this monitoring faked phone number gadget also alerts you of the identity and position of an unknown caller.

Right present, it is operating in United States, Canada, Turkey, and India. It employs codes to trace the position of the unknown number. The information linked to unknown calls comprises mobile network, city, state, and service provider. It is compatible with any mobile and tracks any mobile number, network type, and location. The nicest thing about this software is it tracks the position of the number without Internet also.

  • Caller’s location
  • Contact number using codes
  • Details of phone numbers
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Final Notes

It’s a good idea to add your numbers to the National Do Not Call List available across North America. To do so, just contact the registry at 1-888-382-1222, and follow the steps, or visit www.donotcall.gov to make the request online. If you are situated in Canada, the URL is https://www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca/insnum-regnum-eng/. Please note that it might take many weeks until your number is put to this list, and all it essentially accomplishes, is prevent telemarketers to phone you, but there is no assurance that they won’t. You should always urge unwanted callers to cease phoning your number, and warn them of a complaint if they refuse to do so. If you continue to get unwanted calls, you should lodge a complaint with the FTC and the FCC. Visit FTC’s page in assisting with preventing unsolicited calls and texts for further information. This sums up all the information I have on tracking calls, all the way to avoiding unwanted callers, and remember, a phone number cannot always be tracked, unless authorities are engaged with a warrant, and even then, the call must be local to your country or region.

3. Enable call trace or call trap function

Sometimes banning phone numbers of spammers or frequent faked calls may not work since they utilize various mobile numbers. If you are encountering this scenario, then you must call your mobile service provider and seek the following services.

Call trap- With the assistance of this function, you can monitor the mobile number, date, and time of the harassing mobile calls for at least a couple of weeks. Once you have adequate information linked to this problem, call your cell service provider and report the number to them. The service providers identify the caller and pursue legal action against him/her.

Call trace- This is perhaps the easiest approach to report the faked call. Once this function is enabled in your mobile phone, it immediately logs the number as a harassing phone call and reports it to police authorities. The code of call trace is 57 in the United States. If you are indifferent countries, contact your provider to know the code.

Often times the service providers do not charge you any costs for call trap service; but, for call trace service, you need to pay extra. In case your mobile phone does not contain a call trace function, and you are suffering serious harassing calls, you may convince your mobile service provider and ask for the service ‘track calls’ for free.

What is an Autodialer or Robocall?

An Autodialer, or Autodialler, is an electronic device or software program, used by organizations to contact a list of numbers without human intervention. If the call is answered, the auto dialler is capable of forwarding the call to a human, or play a pre-recorded message via an IVR with prompts. View the infographic below from the FTC for a complete explanation of autodialers, and what measures to do if you get such calls.

Source: ftc.gov/robocalls

Another difficulty with robocalls, is how inadequately handled they are. This might cause for numbers to be repetitively and obsessively phoned, yet not connect you to someone after you answer the call. Imagine being at home, or at the work office, and continuously getting dead air calls, with no ability to stop them. This can be the worst circumstance for a firm that needs to have accessible lines for inbound calls, and can often be hard to halt, even by the phone provider.