How to boost Instagram account

24 Tools To Boost Instagram Account

Who doesn’t know Instagram today? This photo-based social network represents a real opportunity for all merchants and companies wishing to share visual content on the web to trigger emotions and storytelling.

Use of Instagram in a marketing strategy.

For example, you can:

  • Organize contests to gain visibility
  • Turn your Instagram account into e-commerce
  • Use Instagram to get original photos of members using your products
  • Simplify the purchase of products

To do this, I’ll present several tools like pinpointwhy to help you improve or implement your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Instagram in numbers

Before we start, here are some impressive figures on this social network with growth just as crazy as its history (bought $1 billion by Facebook in 2012 when it made no turnover).

The key figures of Instagram, according to the moderator’s blog:

  • 300 million members
  • 70% of users outside the United States (65% in March 2014)
  • 30 billion photos shared (20 billion in March 2014)
  • 2.5 billion likes every day (1.6 billion per day in March 2014)
  • 70 million photos shared every day (60 million in March 2014)
  • 46% of users follow brands
  • 70% of French members log on to Instagram at least once a day

If you’re new to the platform, it provides its users with a guide to get started and succeed in its content strategy on Instagram.

Instagram tools to create content


The layout is an app to combine multiple photos.


Hyperlapse will allow you to create a series of photos to create a time-lapse.

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This app lets you add text on top of your photos. You will be able to transmit your messages accompanied by your most beautiful photos.


An application that allows you to make small personalized quotes easily. Ideal for quickly creating viral content with your fans.

Stitch Peak

PicStitch lets you create beautiful tables by assembling multiple photos.

This app allows you to print a poster of your Instagram activity for over a year. A cool app to decorate your offices or make posters to send to your members and customers.


PlaidPrint lets you create a mosaic with your Instagram photos. A quick and easy way to create original graphic content.


Turn your Instagram photos into a temporary tattoo. To allow your followers to have you in the skin!

Tagboard is a tool to discover content and the popularity of different Hashtags.


Huntgram helps find the best of Instagram categorized.


Repost lets you repost photos you liked on Instagram. The equivalent of ReTweet on Twitter.
Tools to manage your Instagram account


Agorapulse is a French product that will help you manage your various Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. You’ll easily respond to comments, see your posts, and get clues about your brand’s engagement rate and popularity on Instagram.

Ink361 is a web application to manage your Instagram account. Create albums, discover new contacts, and set up alerts for new posts.


Formerly Statigram, it’s a tool to manage and promote your Instagram account. Manage your community, analyze the activity and growth of your fans, manage comments, etc.

This app will allow you to download and plan several images to post them later on multiple accounts.


Crowdfireapp is a tool to manage your relationships on Instagram and Twitter. This app lets you keep track of your posts and their influence on your community and show people who no longer follow you.

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Like, you’ll be able to plan your Instagram posts to stream them at the best of the day.

Ifttt allows you to create multiple interactions with your Instagram account. For example, you can link your Facebook and Twitter Instagram accounts together or automatically save Instagram photos on Dropbox, etc.

Tools to integrate Instagram on a website


Snapwidget will allow you to integrate your Instagram account on your website using a widget.

Badges Instagram

The badges will allow you to set up a button on your site to track your Instagram account.
Tools to sell with Instagram

Liketoknow allows you to email your followers the selections of the clothes in your photos.


The tool adds a link to your Instagram account, which leads to a duplicate version of your account, except that the images are links to the product.


Soldsie is similar to Like2Buy, but it is arranged so that followers can buy an item from your Instagram feed without leaving the app.

All your fans need to do is add a comment with a keyword configured as “#achatcodeur” under the product on Instagram and it will receive a mobile-friendly invoice to complete the purchase of that product. Customers can pay via Paypal or credit card. Also works on Facebook.


Getcandid allows you to get images of your community to illustrate your e-commerce.

Looking at different networks with hashtags from people who use your brand. Then you can contact them very quickly to ask for permission to use their photo on your sites and social networks. This will make it easy for you to have unique content that can trigger emotions on your site.

Voila, I hope these tools will help you implement a successful marketing strategy on Instagram.