Best tools for telecommuting

7 Practical Tools For Telecommuting 2021

Telework is now commonplace. It is becoming more and more widespread and affects freelancers or all independent activities as well as employees. It is not uncommon to work one or two days a week from home, even when you are a collaborator, in a company.

Best Telecommuting Tools To Use

If you are required to practice your trade from your home, we have selected seven practical tools for you. They will make your life easier in telework and allow you to follow your projects better, improve your productivity, or communicate more easily with the teams around you.


Trello is an extremely comprehensive and intuitive online project management tool. It is inspired by agile methods but offers many more possibilities.


The principle is this: on Trello; you can create tables made up of columns. Within these columns, you will be able to insert maps, with, for example, to-do lists, retro planning,etc.

This is ideal if you want to visualize the progress of a project easily, but that’s not all. Trello is a fully collaborative tool where each member can edit and intervene in real-time. In addition, it’s perfect for setting SMART goals, thanks in particular to the checklist feature on the maps. It allows you to detail different project design steps and ticks the boxes as you progress.

In short, this tool is complete, including in its free version.


Asana is also a project management software. It facilitates the communication and management of tasks between team members or the various stakeholders in a project.


Asana is free of up to 15 users and allows you to create projects in a table, calendar, or timeline.

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It is as simple to use software like Trello, and the main difference is the ability to visualize in 3 different ways, where Trello, in its free version, offers only kanban tables.


Fabulous collaboration tool, Slack is no longer to present. It allows your employees to intuitively stay in touch, share documents, edit common to-do lists, etc.


Slack offers several tools to increase your team’s productivity:

  • A unique workspace for the whole team
  • Topic-specific discussion channels
  • Private messaging
  • The organization of multi-would-be audio and video calls
  • Easier file sharing

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A zoom is a tool similar to Skype. It allows you to organize one-on-one or team phone calls in virtual meeting rooms.


But more than just the ability to call yourself from anywhere in the world, Zoom also offers some convenient features:

  • You can record conversations and save them on your desktop or in zoom’s cloud
  • Chat to converse during the meeting, transmit information, links, etc.
  • Screen sharing
  • Webinar mode
  • It is possible to hold teleconferences on a huge scale.
  • Zoom is also a very stable tool that consumes little bandwidth and guarantees an excellent quality of exchanges.


Wetransfer is a file transfer software. Free up to 2GB; it makes it easy to pass bulky documents. The interface is excellent, and the features simple but very well thought out.



  • Send an email notification to the recipient when the files are ready to be retrieved.
  • Notify the sender by email when the recipient has downloaded their files
  • Send a reminder when a file has not been downloaded after several days.
  • It is possible to send files or folders with Wetransfer.
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Google Drive

Should we still introduce Google Drive? Google’s cloud is a great way to transmit files easily, without weight limits.
In its free version, Google Drive offers 15GB of storage to each user. Paid plans increase this limit to 30GB for the cheapest and then unlimited, for other options.

Simple to use, it also makes it easy to file files and indicate which files or folders can be shared with another user. For comparison, Dropbox offers only 2GB of free storage.

Toggl Plan

Formerly Teamweek, Toggl Plan is an excellent complement to the task management software presented above. It allows projects to be managed over several months by allowing visualization of different team members’ tasks within a calendar.


What is particularly useful with this tool is the ability to display the project in a week, month, or quarter mode to visualize the project’s evolution.

It is also possible to import Trello or iCal tasks, which makes complementarity even more enjoyable. The tool is free up to 5users.