Tiktok Marketing Strategy

Who is utilizing TikTok well?

Many businesses are beginning to explore the power of TikTok by launching influencer marketing campaigns on the site. There are many examples of fashion and beauty businesses seeking the aid of influencers to advertise and evaluate items, as well as becoming engaged with special challenges that have been set by the brands.
1. Chipotle
One business who has garnered consistent acclaim for its grasp of TikTok as a platform is the quick casual food chain Chipotle. In 2019, Chipotle’s GuacDance Challenge, which challenged guacamole lovers to show off dancing routines dedicated to avocados, got 250,000 video entries and 430 million video starts during a six-day run. It resulted in the brand’s greatest amount of guacamole ordered on National Avocado Day.
In 2020, Chipotle introduced a new “Chipotle Royalty” competition giving TIkTok users a chance to win $10,000 by showing why their Chipotle order is the greatest among more than 4 million potential combinations. The initiative invites for videos to be made using the hashtag #ChipotleRoyalty. Chipotle will showcase the three winning entries as an official menu item on its app and website for a short period.
2. Gymshark
3. BBC Education
British broadcaster, the BBC, is utilizing TikTok to directly connect with school-aged viewers through its BBC Bitesize account. Content regarding examinations, revision, and STEM disciplines are covered, with young speakers giving ideas and valuable advice.
4. The World Health Organization
The World Health Organization (WHO) created a TikTok channel in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide information and trustworthy health information, offer recommendations on remaining safe, and to refute falsehoods that were spreading via social media.
The WHO also utilizes TikTok to publish films which give vital health information, enabling it to engage with the app’s younger audience demographic, and it makes the most of TikTok live videos to answer queries from the community.

3. Start Posting Relevant Content Regularly

Assuming you’ve cleared the preceding two stages successfully, it’s time to dive into the nitty-gritty of building a TikTok marketing plan.
Like many other social media platforms, there are two crucial components of every recipe for success on TikTok – value and consistency. Let us elaborate.
If you want your consumers to consume your TikTok content, you have to adapt to their requirements. In other words, your video clips ought to give value. So you should ask yourself what your audience wants to see from your brand on TikTok. After you finish thinking, begin to recording and uploading videos!
Also, just like on any other social network, consistency is key. If you want to get your brand noticed, blogging consistently is a requirement. So make sure to set a publishing schedule and stick to it!
Oh, and here’s an extra advice – business and formal attitude doesn’t belong on TikTok. Such content doesn’t resonate well with the platform’s user base. Instead, be hilarious! You’re going to find far more success that way.

Collaborate with smaller influencers

TikTok is a huge beast that may collapse very fast from a commercial content viewpoint. When promoting on TikTok, employ influencers. Find smaller influencers and work with them to help market your business.
B2C does the best when selling on TikTok, it is quite tough to sell B2B on a site that is dedicated to mostly Gen Z and younger millennials. If you are not interested in collaborating with influencers, stick to either material centered on humor or knowledge. Those are the 2 genres that generate the best interaction on TikTok.
Anthony Santomo, CEO of Gourmet Growth

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Step 3: Consider TikTok Influencer Marketing

Influencers assist your business access bigger audiences in certain areas, and at the same time, supply you with material for your brand’s profile.
Let’s face it, making films in-house may be a lot of effort. Set a clear budget and offer in place before anything. Get a Google Sheet going so you can arrange everyone you reached out to, their following count, average views, etc.
When performing outreach to influencers, make sure your offer is clear. Let them know you will pay x dollars for x number of videos with your brand being mentioned (tagged) (tagged). If you want to take it to the next level, you may have the influencer alter the link in their bio for a period of time directing to your product or service (this will likely be an added price, of course) (this will likely be an extra expense, of course).
If you’re new to influencer marketing, start by collaborating with micro-influencers in order to build up your own profile first, then go for larger fish. You don’t want to point large numbers of people back to your profile if you don’t have material there for users to engage with.
If you can have a great crew of influencers generating content for you, it’s a double whammy for your business. Take your marketing budget into mind as well, and think about what it may cost you to generate your own content vs. buying a dozen influencers to create content for you.
Additionally, you may repurpose your TikTok material for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.


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Wondering if Tiktok may help you with your marketing goals? Good news: TikTok isn’t only for adolescents anymore. In fact, of TikTok’s one billion monthly active users, Business of Apps data reveals that 53 percent of these users are between the ages of 19 and 39, and 19 percent are above the age of 39.
Marketers that reject this app as simply another fad are missing out. According to a Hootsuite Digital 2021 Report, TikTok is the 7th most utilized social media network and the second biggest app in consumer expenditure. With its virtually unprecedented engagement potential, TikTok is a channel that companies should incorporate in their plans.
When used correctly, TikTok may perform wonders for your brand’s social media presence, engagement, and exposure.
Here are seven suggestions to help you make the most of this emerging platform:

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9. Promote Your Brand Via TikTok Ads

Just like any other social media network, TikTok allows companies to promote their products on the site. It’s true, though, that since TikTok is still in its infancy as a platform, the accessible advertising alternatives are few, and ad analytics are weak. However, you still have more than enough alternatives accessible. Here are a few you have at your disposal:
In-Feed Native Advertisements – These customized short-form video ads can show on the “For You” page. These advertisements even permit adding links or CTA buttons to them.
Brand Takeover Commercials – These ads are generally composed of short videos or GIFs that show in certain TikTok categories. The nicest aspect about these advertising is that they are restricted to one per category and remain there for 24 hours.
Hashtag Challenge Advertisements – These ads generally come in the style of a banner ad intended to promote a particular hashtag challenge. These are generally accessible on the “Discover” tab and are a fantastic method to get your hashtag challenge out there.
Considering TikTok’s tremendous popularity, the number of advertising possibilities on the site are expected to expand in time. Until then, you should make the most of what you have (which is not little, to be truthful)!

Don’t overpay on production

As a platform that focuses increasing emphasis on younger demographics, it is a fantastic approach to attract 16-24 year-olds to your product or service. However, do not anticipate an instant ROI. Rather, utilize it as another point of confirmation throughout the client acquisition funnel.
Specifically, small companies should employ music to successfully perform TikTok marketing for small company. More than everything else, though, don’t spend an enormous portion of your marketing money on manufacturing. The most successful source for TikTok is lo-fi mobile phone videos that are basic, 15-30 seconds, and easy to comprehend.
Ryan Craver, Co-founder of Mallary by Matthew

Influencer Marketing

As a brand, influencer marketing is one of your strongest advantages. It’s been proved time and time again that consumers trust other individuals more than they trust brands. This is especially true for TikTok.
TikTok has led to the development of several young stars who are very popular with their followers. Take Charli D’Amelio for instance. She posted her daily coffee order from Dunkin Donuts so regularly that Dunkin ended up producing a special drink on their menu named for her. They also teamed with her to develop her own collection of Charli x Dunkin merch. Thanks to the partnership, Dunkin ended up selling hundreds of thousands of Charli’s trademark beverages.
As with other influencer marketing techniques, you need to ensure that you build a real relationship with your TikTok influencers. This is the greatest approach to guarantee that their advocacy of your brand comes off as sincere. When picking an influencer for your campaign, be sure to select someone who is connected with your brand’s personality and values.
Struggling to find the right fit? TikTok has created a method to assist businesses discover the ideal influencer for their campaign. Meet the TikTok Creator Marketplace. Built utilizing TikTok’s proprietary first-party information, the marketplace allows companies to explore the platform’s top producers to fin

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