Find retro levels in Streets Of Rage 4

Streets Of Rage 4: Where To Find All Retro Levels

Streets of Rage 4 is finally available, and it’s a great success. The title is a vibrant tribute to the Sega games, and the welcome of the players and the press is dithyrambique. It must be said that the title is of rare quality and that it manages without difficulty to make us relive the sensations of the Mega Drive era. The icing on the cake, SOR 4, also has a few nods to players via retro levels to unlock. Where and how to find them? We’re telling you everything!

Where to find all the arcade terminals and retro levels in SOR4?

In all, there are four retro levels you can find in Streets of Rage 4. These are hidden in different levels of the game in the form of an arcade terminal. But to activate them, you will first have to be equipped with a taser and destroy the terminal with this weapon. Once this is done, you will be projected into an old-year-old internship, all in pixel, and will have only one life to reach the end of the challenge that awaits you. Here’s how to locate all the arcade terminals and access retro levels.

Stage 2: Police Station

The second stage of Streets of Rage 4 welcomes you behind bars in prison. Get out of there, clean the next area and then move upwards. There, police officers will attack you with tasers. Beware of them and the thugs who come out of the cell behind you. Once everyone is neutralized, equip yourself with the fallen taser and enter the second door after the cell. There is an arcade. All you have to do is hit it while you’re equipped with the taser.

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In this retro stage, you will face Jack, a mid-boss from previous games. Beat him and then pick up the various bonuses hidden in the set. You’ll find a hidden star. Get out the door and get back on your level.

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Stage 4: Old Wharf

The second retro internship is hidden in the fourth stage. In the middle of the level, you will witness the arrival of the police with, among others, police officers equipped with shields. Once you’ve cleaned up the area, don’t jump below as the game offers. Pick up the taser and enter the dirty arcade you see in the background. For this, an open door awaits you a few steps further. Go behind the wall, and you will arrive in front of the arcade terminal that you can activate by hitting it with your taser.

You will be projected into the second retro internship. You will discover Zamza, the character of Streets of Rage 2. Fast and lively, it attacks you with a claw in his hand. Take the time to read his movements well, and everything will have to go well!

Stage 5: The Metro

In the fifth stage of Streets of Rage 4, you will have access to the metro. After getting out of the underground, you arrive in a big bar where bikers will attack you. Just after the pool table, step forward and find that an arcade is on the top of the screen. Please stay away from it until you beat all your opponents and avoid accidentally destroying it. Once the surrounding area is calm, grab a taser on the ground and electrocute the terminal.

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In this third retro stage, Abadede will face you. The Streets of Rage 2 wrestler welcomes you to a closed arena for a fight to the death. Stay at a distance to avoid its attacks and hit it with your quick attacks.

Stage 8: Art Gallery

The last retro internship will be to be found in the eighth level. The arcade terminal is available at the entrance to the last screen, just before fighting the two bosses of the level. Pick up the teaser hidden by the decor just under the terminal and activate the retro stage.

You will land in the very last level of Streets of Rage 2. Shiva and Mister X will be your opponents, and you will have to beat both successively. To do this, attack Shiva without restraint and step aside only to dodge his kick. For Mr.X, step away and jump when he shoots you and run at him as soon as it’s over. Counterattack will be your best strategy!

Here you have just discovered the four retro levels of Streets of Rage 4. To you, the bonuses, the extra lives, and the glory. Or just a success and the satisfaction of the job well done!