Star Wars : Old republic Codes

STAR WARS: The Old Republic Bonus Codes

For STAR WARS: The Old Republic players, this guide lists all the codes and bonuses to be collected for free: mounts, pets, in-game rewards.

Star Wars: The Old republic Codes

Throughout the game’s history, various codes have been distributed to players to unlock different bonuses, such as mounts.
These bonuses can be particularly useful for new players or new characters, who will not have to pay a single credit to get a speeder.

There will also be more aesthetic bonuses.

Where to fill these codes?

Go to the page

It will probably be necessary to identify you. An input field allows you to

Fill in the different Note codes: you need to check the box each time to validate it.

Repeat each step for each of the codes below

Many codes are unfortunately no longer usable today, here is the list of codes that can be activated to date.

Codes Available


The NYCANTINA16 code unlocks the Korrealis Sheriff mount for all of your characters.


The SWCANTINA17 code unlocks the Korrealis Viscount mount, similar to the previous model with a different color.


The CODE SWCELEBRATION17 allows you to obtain an M8-R astro-mechanical droid, a pet that can follow you.


The NYCANTINA19 code unlocks a profile outline for your characters.

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Bonuses available

Several bonuses are also available at various.

In-game events, For example, every year on May 4th, during the “May the Fourth” event, it will be possible to pick up a small astro-mechanic with a different style each time. To get it, just log in at this time. Some bonuses are also distributed during the year, to active players, or in some cases only to subscriber players.

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Sponsorship and bonuses

Subscriber players can sponsor other players, and each will

get a bonus set: “Free To Play” players who are not subscribers or who don’t have “Privilege” status will receive a set of items in an “Express Departure” package containing the following items:

  • 1x quick-travel pass
  • 5x experience minor boosts
  • 1x inventory module

You will also have unlimited access to certain content, usually reserved for subscriber players: Disputed area, operations, etc.

Players who have already subscribed or subscribed more than 90 days ago receive items from the “Preferred Friends” package containing:

  • 7 days of subscription
  • Unlocking: Inventory module
  • Unlocking: Crew skill location
  • Custom Orders: View titles
  • Custom orders: unify colors

Each player using the sponsor link will also get a character transfer if you want to change servers.

The sponsorship link to collect these bonuses is as follows:

I thank the players for using this link in advance.

Just confirm the addition to receive your in-game rewards in the mailbox.

If you like these bonuses, you can subscribe to take full advantage of the content offered by the game.
It is possible to subscribe via this page:

Or directly on the site:

Security key

Subscriber player status allows you to provide a security key to your account.
In addition to enhancing its security, it grants you a bonus of 100 pieces of the cartel each month and allows you to access the security key dealer in the game.

The procedure for setting up this key is available here:

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As mentioned above, several codes are only available during certain periods, so I will keep this guide up to date, adding or removing the available codes.

That’s it; I hope this little guide will help you. Leave yourself a comment if you want. See you next time!