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Play Valorant Like A Pro Tips And Tricks Guide

Don’t fire and move at the same time

Even if you are playing a shooting game, it does not imply you need to be firing all the time. Refrain from firing, especially when you are on the move. Doing so will impair your aim, and there are risks of you getting harmed by the enemy.

It’s also not advisable to remain standing at one spot and firing. You need to walk, stop, shoot and repeat. The objective is to locate a perfect among all three. You may also remove the strain off your controller and enable the movement penalty in settings.

Stay in the smoke

Viper’s smoke may be used in various ways, but one of the greatest methods to employ includes being inside the cloud. The issue is when you’re within the smoke, the haze clears up 250 milliseconds before your adversaries see the smoke clean up. This means your screen is smoke clear before your enemy’s, allowing you a tiny window of 250 milliseconds to take them down.

Don’t run and gun

In other shooting games you may run, slide, leap and fire all at the same time, but in VALORANT your mobility is vitally essential. In VALORANT there is a mechanism which influences your shot accuracy when you are moving. With a recent update this system grew even more rigorous, meaning that you had to stand still to really shoot where you are aiming. Moving has a big influence on your accuracy, so don’t run and fire at the same time if you intend to hit something.

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So what should you do? In VALORANT you want to stand motionless and then shoot to be precise. This implies that your aim needs to be on point, at the same instant that you are standing motionless, so you are striking your adversary faster than you are getting hit. This takes some effort, as placing yourself out in the open and instantly aiming at someone’s head isn’t simple, but practicing and refining this is one of the most exciting and rewarding elements of VALORANT.

If you are coming over from Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex, or other shooting games, be sure to immediately learn that you need to stand still before you shoot and as soon as you master the basics, you could learn more about jiggle peaking, wide swinging and using your duck and slow walk buttons to your advantage.

Firewall — Blaze

The greatest tip for Phoenix’s fiery wall, Blaze, is to make sure you gaze above obstacles like boxes and walls before casting it. If you are staring at the thing, Blaze will only go up to it. If you glance over the item, Blaze will continue beyond the object. This is useful for constructing a temporary wall in front of your opponents without having to leave cover.

Blaze can be curled while it travels outwards. If you turn fast while it’s casting, you may create a pocket of space concealed from view — practically a full circle. You can use this method to surround the bomb while you try to defuse it or fake defusing it. You can even use this to cordon off a spot on a bomb site for you to get a safe plant down out sight.

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Valorant Phoenix Blaze Ability - kashmi

Efficient peeking

Viper utility is excellent to disorient adversaries and make them take (or not take) specific pathways. Smoke barriers may be built up in strategic places, and if the player is shooting in the direction of the wall, and the opponent comes out of the wall, all the player needs to do is pull the trigger.