Nintendo switch alternatives 2020

Try These Nintendo Switch Alternatives 2021

The online gaming world has been revamped. With so many new games being launched every single day. The days when we used to share a single chip of games, with all our friends, have long gone.

Moreover, the consoles are so amazing that even if you’re not a gaming buff, you would want to own them to be a collector of “exquisite things.”

Notably, the Nintendo Switch is a total game-changer in the world of console gaming. It has revolutionized the way we had always imagined a console. The console is what separates this model of the Nintendo family from the rest of its counterparts.

The Joy-con controllers can be attached to the side of the console like any other handheld gaming console. Also, it can be set up as a joystick for a TV mode.

However, the biggest con of this console is affordability and some charging issue. The price point is very high, making it difficult for the otherwise gaming demographic to own it.

List Of Nintendo Switch Alternatives

No worries, though Nintendo Switch is the big thing. We also bring to you some of the best-budgeted alternatives to this. Now, you can experience the world of console gaming in an instead budgeted console!

PlayStation 4 Slim 1 Tb console

PS4 might seem a bit old, but the console has a space worth 1tb!! You get the Fortnight edition along with the PlayStation. Besides that, the affordability is in place you and you get to experience the HDR gaming world.

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I would feel as though you are inside the game, going through each hurdle like a true hero. As you already know, PlayStation 4 is home to many amazing games like- The Spider-Man, God of War, the Uncharted Series, and whatnot.

Get the sincere feeling of an absolute gamer. As compared to Nintendo, you get to be part of the “cool” PlayStation crowd, and nothing’s better than that!

NVIDIA Shield Tablet

might think that this is not the most ‘ideal’ gaming console, but let’s first see what it has to offer before we jump into conclusions.

NVIDIA Shield tablet lets’ experience gaming through an 8″ display. You do not have to take the trouble to set up your TVs with your modules because with this big, a gaming screen. Also, you will not need a bigger screen!

From that, you get an integrated stylus with the tablet, besides experiencing the real gaming machine. Your tablet can be easily converted into a gaming shield with NVIDIA controllers and GRID game streaming service!

LYRA handheld gaming console

LYRA handheld console brings you the feel of holding onto a Nintendo Switch. It is very much similar to the Switch’s handheld mode but even better with a more affordable price.

The gaming console is powered by one of the most powerful board, Raspberry Pi CM3L. It’s not just a console; it can turn into your computer too. LYRA has a quad-core processor along with 1 GB RAM!

That amazing! Though you have to pre-order it and can get your piece because the company builds only limited numbers of the specif!

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