Minecraft Dungeons - Secret Level and Runes

Minecraft Dungeons: Find The Secret Level And 9 Runes

Minecraft Dungeons is finally available on PC and consoles. Mojang’s title has already attracted millions of players who have ventured into the cubic world of the game alone or as a team. If you are waiting to pounce on the DLCs, another challenge may well keep you busy: the secret level of Minecraft Dungeons.

Indeed, the developers have integrated a hidden level into the game. This one will put you in front of many champimeuh and allow you to discover a brand new boss. But we still have to find this level and get into it.

How do I unlock the secret level of Minecraft Dungeon?

To unlock access to this ultimate level, you’ll have to retrieve 9 runes. These are scattered across the game map, so you’ll have to search all areas of Minecraft Dungeons to find them. Only these runes are hidden from view, behind secret doors. So it’s looking for different switches that we’re going to start.

Where to find the 9 secret runes?

The 9 runes are scattered in different areas. Note that only the host of the game will be able to retrieve the runes if you play multiple players. Here’s where and how to get them back.

Rune 1: Creepers Wood

The first of the nine runes is in the Wood of the Creepers, hidden by cobblestones. Head to the south-west of the villagers’ liberation zone. You will find cubes on the ground that form a kind of large hatch and, nearby, paving stones. That’s where a switch is hidden. Turn it on, and you can then take possession of the first Rune.

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Rune 2: Marais Bourbeux

The second Rune of Minecraft Dungeons is to be recovered at The Bourbeux Marshes. After defeating the level boss, head for the exit, but don’t take it immediately. Instead, head to your right, at the level of a stone column. You will then discover a switch surrounded by mushrooms. Could you turn it on and then get your Rune back?

Rune 3: Cactus Canyon

For your third Rune, head to Cactus Canyon. Proceed through the level until you reach the blue key area. On the left edge of this area is a palm tree. The switch hides in the nearby foliage. Please turn it on to get your Rune back.

Rune 4: Pumpkin Fields

The fourth Rune of Minecraft Dungeons awaits you at the pumpkin fields. At the beginning of the level, near the burning house, you can access a stone rampart. Go over it and reach its right end. There, a new switch will be activated behind crates. Please turn it on and enter the open passage to retrieve a new rune.

Rune 5: Redstone Mines

The fifth Rune to be recovered is hidden in the Redstone Mines. Browse the level until you have to deliver 6 villagers. In this area, head northwest to retrieve your Rune. The switch that will allow you to access it is hidden in the red stones near the rails you see on the ground.

Rune 6: Desert Temple

For the sixth Rune, you’ll have to go to the Desert Temple. Usually advance through the level until you pick up a gold key. Once in your possession, make slight progress to the northwest to see two palm trees. The switch you’re looking for is hidden behind the one most northerly, against the wall. Once activated, a passage will open to retrieve your Rune.

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Rune 7: Ardent Forge

The seventh Rune of Minecraft Dungeons is to be recovered at the Ardent Forge. Shortly after the start of the level, you will see a Redstone Golem lying on the ground. Continue to its left, and you will discover, below, a switch attached to the wall. Turn it on, and you’re the seventh Rune.

Rune 8: Hautbloc Palace

The eighth and penultimate Rune to be recovered to access the secret level is at the Palais de Hautbloc. Progress through the level to reach the outside market and head northeast of the area before using the well. To the right of the target range, on a wall, a little hidden in the dim light is a switch. Turn it in to access the level rune.

Rune 9: Obsidian Summit

For the last Rune to be recovered, you have to go to the Obsidian Summit. Browse the level until you enter a building full of enemies to defeat. Once this is done, move east and enter the library.

Go and inspect the shelf against the eastern wall. Here, this is where the switch that will open you access to the ninth Rune is located. Please turn it on and, once your Rune is recovered, leave the level.

How do I get to the hidden level?

With the nine runes in your possession, you can now access the secret level of Minecraft Dungeons. To do this, return to your camp and head to the church south of the area. If you don’t know where to find the church, you can watch the following video.

Once there, enter the church and go to the bottom to activate the switch that awaits you. The passage to the secret level then opens, and you can dive into it. You have the joys of a new level and a new boss!