Medicat PC troubleshooter

Medicat: The Ultimate Computer Troubleshooter (Analog Edition)

Medicat is a Must-Have tool for all techies or hackers who like to troubleshoot the PC.

Medicat, is a bootable utility that incorporates a suite of tools to troubleshoot and analyze a computer quickly in the manner of Hiren’s Boot CD but much more comprehensive.

Medicat was carried from the idea of Jayro, a computer professional. She also used Hiren’s boot CD, but as it was no longer kept updated. She decided to develop Medicat, a Multiboot utility with many inherent tools, whether to test your hardware, reset a forgotten password, or to clean an infected computer. And the icing on the cake, this tool is now regularly-updated since 2012!

Recently, after a year, a new version of Medicat is available; this version, under the number 20.06 (for April 2020), is still as complete. The Windows 10 Live has been updated, and its software list has been corrected and updated as well.

This new version is called the Analog Edition with a unique design.

This new version carries a meaningful change before we had a version capable of running the BIOS version (all utilities available to the boot) and the Windows 10 Mini version.

These are two different versions, one for the BIOS and the other for UEFI. Therefore, it is important to create two bootable USB sticks if you want to cover all your problems.

You can download the latest version of medicat via the links below.

Download Medicat

You can easily build a bootable USB stick using a tool like Rufus to do this to you almost on your own

Minimum System Requirements of Medicat:

  • CPU: Any 64-bit capable processor
  • RAM: 3GB Minimum, 4GB+ recommended
  • Storage: 32GB USB 2.0 minimum, USB 3.0 or 3.1 recommended.
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Here are some answers to the most common questions about Medicat.

Can I use Medicat as an everyday OS and replace my Windows?

No, Medicat is not made to do that, this kit runs under WinPE that will allow you to diagnose your computer quickly.

Is it free?

Medicat was created by Jayro and wants Medicat to be free, forever.

Does my Antivirus detect viruses on my Medicat key?

Yes, this is normal, because many software detects it as “Hack Tools,” but these are false positives.

When will we be able to get a new Medicat update?

Medicat is updated every six months in April and October.

I can’t get started on Medicat on my computer.

Make sure your computer is set up to start on your USB stick. If you’re running UEFI on a computer, you’ll need to set up your UEFI into “CSM/Legacy.”

To start your key, you can also press the button that will allow you to open the boot menu at the start of your computer. If you don’t know this key, feel free to read this article that lists the keys to enter the menu boot according to the brand of your computer.

How do I build a bootable USB stick with Medicat?

You’ll need a minimum 16GB USB stick. Then use Rufus software to create your Medicat key. You can also take a look at this video to help you.