Earn money Through Microsoft rewards

Make Money By Browsing The Internet – Microsoft Rewards!

A search engine that allows me to win gift cards? How you at first, I was dubious, and I imagined having to watch advertisements or answer surveys to get 2-3 euros every six months. Finally, I was completely conquered by this excellent plan to earn money thanks to its search engine! Microsoft Rewards, a good plan still little known, and so much the better for us!

The operating principle

Microsoft allows you to earn points and rewards simply by using their search engine. Why do they offer us gift cards to browse the net? Microsoft wants us to use its bing search engine to increase its user number. Simply! They have a good idea to win gifts to those who would agree to change search engines!

To earn points, the easiest way is to search the Microsoft search engine, i.e., Bing. It is also possible to earn extra points by making small shares and games offered for free. I explain everything in detail in the rest of the article.

Finally, by purchasing products from Microsoft store, windows 10, or Xbox, it is possible to accumulate additional points and exchange them for gift cards even faster. Friends gamers (on Xbox), this good plan is very interesting for you!

The Rewards points you earn will be displayed under your account name, allowing you to keep an eye on the cumulative total. If you’re using a Windows 7 or 10 device (and you’ve login on it using your Microsoft account), you can even earn points by surfing the web from the taskbar search area. If you’re connected with Cortana, you also earn points when Cortana searches Bing.

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If you’re using a mobile device, download the Bing app to earn points on the move.

I installed the necessary on all the devices of the family! It will rain gift cards in the coming months!! 😉

Earn even more points on the Microsoft Rewards page

By logging into your account, you can discover the daily lot to earn extra points.

Each daily lot pack consists of the king’s activities that can earn 50 points in total. When you finish your first pack, you start a series of consecutive days. A series of unlocks bonuses.

Below the daily lot, it is possible to follow its current series towards the next bonus. Don’t forget to check your dashboard every day to advance your series and earn dozens of bonus points in just a few clicks.

The quizzes on offer allow you to make discoveries and learn. Don’t worry when answering the quizzes; you have the right to make a mistake. Even if your answers are wrong at first, you’ll earn the points!


Microsoft Rewards offers thousands of rewards: movies, apps, raffles, and more. When you’ve earned enough points to redeem them for the gift of your choice, each of the eligible rewards is highlighted on your Microsoft Rewards page.

Collect your points for a great gift or spend them in multiple times for smaller rewards, it’s up to you. Here are some of the rewards Microsoft Rewards offered at the time of writing:

  • Xbox 5 or €10 gift card
  • decathlon gift card 10
  • Spotify gift card 10.’
  • Zalando gift card 5
  • Zooplus gift card plus 5
  • Microsoft gift card 5, 10, 25

Not to mention numerous draws to win Microsoft products (Xbox, surface pro).

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With the Microsoft Rewards Loyalty Program, you get rewards and benefits for your daily actions. Reach Level 2 to earn rewards even faster and get exclusive benefits.

Level 1

Free and included with your Microsoft Rewards account

  • 3 points per Bing search, up to 30 points per day
  • 1 point per euro spent in the Microsoft Store, plus bonus points on some purchases
  • Points for exploring Microsoft Rewards Loyalty Program offers
  • Access sales and discounts for members

Level 2

Earn at least 500 points each month

  • 3 points per Bing search, up to 150 points per day
  • Microsoft Store Level 1 Benefits and Exclusive Level 2 Bonus Offers
  • Points for exploring Microsoft Rewards Loyalty Program offers
  • Access sales and discounts for members, including exclusives for Level 2 members
  • Get up to 10% off the Microsoft Brand Rewards Exchange

As you will have understood, it is better to quickly accumulate your first 500 points to move to level 2 and earn even faster points to enjoy even more rewards.

Changing search engines is simple!

Changing search engines didn’t please me at all! I was afraid of losing a lot of information. I was wrong to worry!

It’s very simple, fast and doesn’t change anything about your saved items like favorites, passwords, etc. Just change search engines, not browsers! The only thing that changes is the home page and the presentation of the search results. The home page contains a beautiful new photo every day and information (news, weather). You can set it up to show only the information you’re interested in. Search results are presented almost identically as on Google. I did not notice any major difference that hindered my navigation.