Last minute PC gamer deals that should arrive before Christmas

The holidays are looming, and Christmas deals are thin on the ground, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t nab a deal before Christmas comes around.

I refuse to apologise for my accidental Christmas rhyme there, because I need all the fun I can get after trawling around for this final haul of holiday deals. I’ve put myself through this so you don’t have to, because that’s the kind of jolly, selfless hardware writer I am. 

Essentially, this is a list of anything you can still get at a vaguely discounted price, all of which should arrive before Christmas. That being said, I cannot take any responsibility for delays in shipping due to haulers getting stuck behind the growing droves of Coca-Cola trucks.

One thing to remember is we’re searching from a single area on a VPN, and many sites will calculate shipping times by your location, so these may vary depending where you are across the US. Some may be in stock for the east coast, but not for the west, or vice-versa.

Still, there should be plenty left to chose from in your area. So here goes, the last minute deals on gifts any gamer should appreciate.

Gaming laptops

Prebuilt gaming PCs

Gaming Monitors

Gaming mice

Gaming keyboards

Gaming headsets

Gaming accessories

Gaming PC components

Gaming chairs

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