Windows 7 Update till 2023

How To Get Free updates On Windows7 until 2023

The end of support on Windows 7 is expected; certainly, from January 14, 2020, it will not technically be possible to get security updates. What does this mean in practice?

And long after that date, if flaws are observed and usable, Microsoft will no longer update its OS now more than 10 years old! So you’re setting yourself at risk, even if antivirus will resume to protect you from viruses.

Many companies haven’t had/taken the time to shift to a newer version of Windows, so Microsoft extends a program called ESU for “Extended Security Updates.” For Anglophobes, we are talking about a program that will allow you to get updates anyway. A VIP mode what. ESU updates will be available until January 10, 2023.

Of course, this program is paid and open only on the Enterprise and Windows 7 Pro versions.

But… it was not to mention the clever little ones as there are many.

Even though it is completely illegal, you will be able to get these updates for free. Yes, without spending a dime.

The whole method is outlined below.

Get Windows 7 Extended Security Updates for Free

Abbodi1406 from the MyDigitalLife forum has uncovered a hack called “BypassESU” to bypass eligibility for the ESU program. So after setting up this hack, you will then be able to get important security updates even though you have not subscribed to the program! It isn’t lovely.

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This BypassESU hack will bypass the verification system that lets you know whether a machine can profit from extensive security updates. Once the ByPassESU script patches the pc, the pc will make it look like it is entitled to get security updates from the ESU program.

And the stupid thing is that the approved ESU only provides updates to professional versions of Windows. Here the patch of abbodi1406 enables you to get updates for all versions of Windows 7!

(Starter, Basic Family Edition, Premium Family Edition, Professional, Full Edition, and Enterprise, in 32 bits and 64 bits, yes, all!)

How To install ByPassESU To Get Updates?

Before you can use the tiny magic script, there are a few requirements, including some Microsoft updates. Without it, the patch won’t work correctly.

Make sure you have the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and the following update sare installed:

KB4490628 and KB4444419, which require a restart after installation.

For Windows 7 64 bits: KB4490628 (x64) and KB4474419 (x64)
For Windows 7 32 bits: KB4490628 (x86) and KB4474419 (x86)
As well as the update KB4531786

For Windows 7 64 bits: KB4531786 (x64)
For Windows 7 32 bits: KB4531786 (x86)
Once these updates are installed, you’ll be able to use ByPassESU to support your Windows 7 updates for another 3 years!

It is now important to download BypassESU, click on the link below:

Download BypassESU

Then unpack the archive and click right on “install.bat” and then run as an administrator.

The script will take some time to check that your computer is eligible, and then perform the small patch that will make you compatible with ESU updates.

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That’s it! Don’t be afraid after January 14; you’re now still protecting via Windows 7 security updates.

A small disclaimer anyway, this trick is not certified by Microsoft, it is also risky since you use a third-party script, so it’s at your risk. I recommend you to buy Windows 10 than to use this script.

ESU eligibility check

You can verify that the patch is working well by downloading and installing the KB4528069update. This is an update created for this and to test your compatibility with the ESU update program.

Download the KB4528069 update

Upon completion of this update, you will get a message of the successful installation of the update; if not then, the patch did not work for you. Don’t hesitate to run it as an admin and try again.

How To uninstall the BypassESU hack?

The developer has considered everything, yes, you can uninstall BypassESU if this creates any problem.

For this, keep bypassESU script in a separate folder, right-click on “remover” and run the uninstall command as an admin.

The other way, I still insist you to use Windows 10 for a safe environment.