Free Call Recording Apps For Android Of

Free Call Recording Apps For Android Of

You’ve undoubtedly wished you could record your phone calls every once in a while. It may be because your boss insists on phoning you and giving you crucial information while you’re driving, or perhaps your spouse rattles off a long list of groceries you’re supposed to pick up later – and you end up forgetting some or all of it afterward. Whatever the case, being able to utilize Android call recorder applications is likely to make your life simpler.

Almost all modern-day cellphones have built-in call recording features. However, on most stock cellphones, this function is nearly usually deactivated — recording calls without the consent of the person you’re talking to is reportedly illegal in many countries.

Best Call Recorder Android App For Most Users

1. Call recorder (ACR)

Call recorder (ACR) for Android - kashmi

This software is one of the greatest call recording apps for Android so far. This works effectively without any delays in recording your calls on your phone. It is a free software to record calls on Android, and it lets you to pick the recording option manually. It features several recording modes and to designate them as significant. Read the entire app review here.


  • Free to use.
  • Auto erase old recordings to conserve phone space.
  • Easy recovery with integrated Recycle Bin.
  • Supports Gmail, Google Drive, Email, OneDrive, Dropbox and many more.


  • Can’t make VoIP calls.

Call Recorder S9 – Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Perhaps the finest call recording program out is Automatic Call Recorder Pro, primarily because of how well-made the UI is. Thankfully, it doesn’t just look beautiful – it functions very well, too. The software includes a number of configurable settings, allowing you to modify the audio quality and configure the app to record every call automatically.

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Another intriguing function is “shake to record,” which accomplishes exactly what you might imagine. If you wish to record a call, simply shake your phone. You may also set the app to store recordings to other cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Call Recording Apps – Never Forget a Conversation

These are some of the finest call recording applications for Android and they work on most of the smartphones.

If one app doesn’t function on yours, we propose that you check out another app without further inquiry.

A number of cellphones have incompatible hardware that inhibits the applications from recording. We suspect this could be a root access problem, but I may be mistaken, though.

Your input is crucial in this post since it will help us refine which applications functioned the best on the largest amount of hardware.

So, please feel free to post a remark below if an app works and also inform us if it doesn’t. We will be waiting for your important input on these apps.

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Voice Recorder Pro

Price: Free to download

In-app purchases: Yes

Android version: 4.1+

Voice Recorder Pro is definitely one of the greatest call recorder applications in the Play Store. This is one of our personal favorites as it covers everything you may need. First and foremost, this software looks extremely beautiful. It doesn’t try too hard to appear fantastic, which is a good thing. It’s basic, easy on the eyes, and easy to use on top of that. You’ll see three distinct tabs at the top, and that’s about everything you need.

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This is both a voice recorder and a call recorder, which is the case for most applications on the list. This software offers a ton of options and functions. It allows both stereo and mono recording, while you may modify the bitrate as well. There are four other audio formats that you may pick from as well. The creator did caution that the software may not work on some smartphones, as it’s not a specialized call recorder app. We didn’t experience any difficulties, though.

All Call Recorder Lite 2019, best app to record phone calls  - kashmi

This one here is the finest app to record phone calls on Android phones. As the name implies, it is a lightweight app and therefore simple to be crammed into your phone. This also makes it easier to be installed on outdated Android devices. Exclusion list has to be established to eliminate those from automated call recordings. Read the entire app review here.


  • Add notes to the recordings.
  • Easy sharing with your network.
  • Secure recordings using a code.
  • Select the audio format for recording before saving


  • Can’t record a call from an excluded list in the midst of the call.

4. Call Recorder

This software may appear extremely old by its layout yet it does the job effectively. At the end of the day, we don’t need a call recorder to show us attractive visuals, we need it to record the calls.

This is precisely what this call recorder software for Android does.

While the UI may probably need an update, the key parts of the call recorder are straightforward to browse through.

Every call you record will be presented directly on the main screen and you will be also able to play them with ease.

There is a huge button on the top of the screen which allows you to Swift through several filters making it simpler to explore.

While the calls are not captured at full volume for some reason, they are recorded well.