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Forza Horizon 4: 5 Tips to Become the King of The Eliminator

With its Update of December 17, 2019, Forza Horizon 4 has embarked on the Battle Royale. Introducing The Eliminator mode, the car game offers fun as you wouldn’t expect with games that are often hung and a demanding rhythm.

But succeeding in finishing first is not that simple and can quickly prove to be a significant challenge for some players. How do you choose your starting point? How do I win the best cars? What strategy should be put in place? Here’s everything you need to know to finish the top 1 on The Eliminator finally!

First steps on “The Eliminator.”

Before we embark on the tips that will allow you to be better at the game, let’s recall some generalities. “The Eliminator” is a game mode in the form of Battle Royale, where up to 75 players compete. Every 4 to 5 minutes, the arena in which you are allowed to move is reduced. Outside this arena, your vehicle takes damage until it is eliminated. So it’s better to be within the confines of the arena as it shrinks.

There are a total of 5 narrowing waves in the arena during which players are free to challenge each other face to face. In these, all moves are allowed, and the only victory counts.

Once your opponent is defeated, you can get his car back, get a new one, or keep yours. If everyone starts the game with a Class 1 Mini (the smallest class in the mode), your wins can allow you to climb to class 10 to take a serious option on the final victory.

Once the playoffs are over, the final phase can begin. With usually 10 to 15 drivers still in contention, the game will launch you on a great ride to a surprise destination and remove the arena’s limits. You will then have to be the first to join the marker on the map to win.

Now that it’s clear let’s move on to the keys to victory!

Carefully define your starting point

In “The Eliminator,” cars are waiting for you all over the map. But if vehicles appear randomly from the roads, some places are crazier than others. It is, therefore, particularly advisable to choose strategic locations to embark on the adventure.

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On the map below, we have surrounded places where the frequency of vehicles is quite high. Choosing one of these spots to start your run is, therefore, an excellent solution to quickly swap your Mini for a more powerful vehicle. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to stumble across a class 4 or 5 from the start and don’t trade your Mini for anything!

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Make maximum one-on-one.

Once “The Eliminator” is launched and, hopefully, your Mini is exchanged for a Class 3 or higher vehicle, quickly search for an opponent. Indeed, the sooner you achieve one-on-ones, the greater your chances of winning. And this, for three straightforward reasons.

The majority of drivers ride In Mini

While the session has just started, you have a great chance to face opponents with Class 1 vehicles. It will be easier for you to win first than if you wait long minutes and challenge an opponent already in class 4, 5, or higher.

A win will give you access to a top

Class vehicle The faster you win, the faster you can get more efficient vehicles. Each victory allows you to retrieve your opponent’s vehicle, get a class-class vehicle that is superior to the one you are driving, or keep your car. And in the vast majority of cases (but not all as you will see below), choosing a top-class vehicle is a real advantage to the final phase and thus to the top 1.

You reduce the chances for your competitors to have better cars.

By defeating your direct opponents, you make two moves with one stone. You improve your vehicle as shown above, but you also limit the possibilities for other drivers to find “weak” opponents and thus progress quickly. In short, you strengthen yourself and leave only the crumbs to the other drivers!

Choosing your cars

To put all the chances of victory on your side, it is natural to want to get more and more efficient vehicles. However, even if you are offered superior-class vehicles, you should not accept everything. Here are some examples of vehicles to avoid in general and why it’s best to do without them.

Audi A2 / Galant Class 2

VR These are two vehicles you’ll regularly find along the game’s roads. If in absolute terms, these vehicles are more powerful than your Mini, they are also heavier and much less maneuverable!

This means that their acceleration is rather limited and that, if your next head-to-head takes you to the forest, you have every chance of hitting trees. My advice? Prefer your Mini to any Class 2 vehicle, and don’t hesitate to cut through woods or forests during your one-on-one. The Mini’s small size and excellent handling will ensure you pass safely between obstacles!

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Porsche 959 Class 7

It is very tempting to accept this power monster immediately. Nevertheless, I advise you to think twice. Not only does the vehicle have an unfortunate tendency to lose its grip, but it is also not comfortable outside the bitumen.

The fields, climbing hills, and other woods will penalize you heavily at the wheel of this Porsche. A lower-class prefers an Audi RS4 or RS6, which is much more efficient on all surface types.

Toyota Supra Class 4

Like the Porsche 959, the Toyota Supra is a super-car but not suitable for The Eliminator. The loss of grip is regular, and, through fields or between trees, this will only cause you many tailed heads. So don’t!

Establish a route

In “The Eliminator,” it’s best not to confuse speed with precipitation. It is always very tempting to cut through fields and race in a straight line towards your destination. However, taking two seconds to observe your Map will probably earn you several dozen at the end of the race.

Indeed, by visualizing your journey, you will see, at a glance, what is the fastest path. And from experience, I can tell you that it’s not always the straight line. Is a forest separating you from your destination?

Then prefer the road and walk along the trees to drive at full speed. Is the destination on the other side of the lake? Get on your way quickly to get around it! With this anticipation, you will quickly gain an advantage over your opponent!

Leaving before others

When the final phase arrives, you only know at the last moment where your destination will be. Never mind, project yourself at full speed outside the arena, in the direction that seems most likely, 3 seconds before the end of the count.

Your vehicle will be able to take the damage if its health gauge is full, and this will give you precious seconds ahead of your competitors. Then adjust the trajectory and think about taking a look at your Map to see exactly where you’re going. Again, the fastest path to victory is not necessarily the shortest!

Don’t hesitate to share your favorite tips or cars in this mode. In any case, you are armed to become the Eliminator!