Find Someone on POF Easily

Find Someone on POF Easily

Edit Your Profile

If you want to deactivate your POF account because you just aren’t meeting anybody, consider upgrading your profile first. A excellent profile can bring in more contacts and thus, more dates.

Due to the nature of Plenty of Fish’s compatibility emphasis, it’s a good idea to change your profile frequently to stay current and become attractive to a new set of individuals. Of course, there are certain aspects you don’t want to change like your age or what you’re searching for (marriage, casual, etc).

But, you may modify your hobbies, interests, photos, and other data. Plenty of Fish also provides you a lot of opportunity to write a Bio that’s fascinating and instructive. To edit your profile, do this: Log in to Plenty of Fish and tap ‘Profile’ in the top right-hand corner.

Then touch on ‘Edit Profile.’ Scroll through the list of choices updating as you please. Once complete, click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom. As you can see, we didn’t put a lot of effort into our Conversation Starters but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Be imaginative and honest while creating your profile and other data.

There are thousands of users on Plenty of Fish so you’ll want to stand out. Also, be sure to be true to yourself (for example when filling out what you’re searching for in a relationship and the future). Otherwise, you could find a match that won’t work out in the long run.

Private Search or Not

Upon going in and establishing a profile, you need to choose if you want the person you’re looking for to discover you in return. If you’re in search of someone you believe is cheating, keep your profile clear of personal photos, recognizable screen aliases, or your specific data. Typically, individuals seek for someone they want to discover and connect with; therefore don’t mind.

However, if you are looking because you believe your partner is cheating on you, are afraid about a catfish, or are testing the waters after going through a divorce before connecting with another person or profile, it might be wise to leave your profile relatively blank. Otherwise, the person you’re looking for could find you, before you see them, and hide their profile from you or erase it.

How can I terminate my account if I can’t login?

This is a very typical query. People regularly establish accounts then neglect them for a long period. When you ultimately decide to terminate the account, you may have forgotten the login details. Of course, if you recall your email address or username you may click the ‘Forgot Password’ link from the sign in page. Keep in mind, you may open your email client and conduct a search for ‘Plenty of Fish’ using the search bar. When you originally signed up for the service you would’ve gotten a confirmation email. Check whose address it was sent to and use that email address to restore your account so that you may cancel it. But, if you’ve forgotten those two details you may need to contact POF support.

How to Perform a POF Search through Basic Search and Advanced Search

NOTE: To do these sorts of searches on the POF website, you will need to upgrade your membership on your dating profile.

Click the light blue POF button at the top left of the window, then pick SEARCH. Though pretty much self-explanatory, pick SEARCH to get started. On the following screen you’ll be offered several alternatives to fine-tooth comb the site for the individual you wish to discover. It will begin as a “basic search.”

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After going on and establishing enough of a POF profile to get started, be sure to sync the specifics of what you’re searching for with the person you want to find. Consider gender, age, and geographic region as the main choices to make. However, only choose a limited POF username search (for instance, searching one age or 5 miles from zip code) if you are 100 percent certain of the age or location they’ll use online.

Select a Country

Keep in mind that people DO modify their age as they get older or even their age and location, to conceal their identity while cheating, etc. The same applies for picking other particular variables, attempt a restricted search, but if that doesn’t generate results, give yourself an age or location, etc., buffer.

In addition to gender, age, and geographic location, you will have the chance to pick education, last (site) visit, dating intent, body type, distance from a (or your) zip code, city, ethnicity, newest users, or users since your previous visit, or state. It is crucial to understand that you can pick “any” for these selections.

If you aren’t sure what you’re searching for in that category or don’t want to limit yourself, skip that option, and leave it as “any.” Or, try out one pick, and then it’s the reverse.

Remember, in the case of adultery even if someone is searching for something “casual” or “on the side,” that doesn’t imply they’ll tell others that in their inbox. Perhaps they’ll choose “dating” or “wanting a relationship” to disguise their motive!

After looking at the standard search tool, you might wish to search for other alternatives. To the right of the “Basic Search” tab, on the SEARCH page, you will notice the option to pick “Advanced Search.”

Advanced Search is great for people truly seeking for their ideal match but can assist to hunt for past matches or someone you wish to locate the profile. With “Advanced Search,” choices abound! You may pick “pets,” “eye color,” “profession,” “income,” and more. If you know what you’re searching for in a search, this may be the difference between you finding it and not.

5 Ways to Perform a POF Name Search

Though the site is free, premium upgrades to offer to remove ads and enable additional photos and email choices, POF search possibilities stay the same for both free and paying users.

Plenty of Fish is an online dating service which many individuals who are seeking for free dating sites visit or try at least once. Recently, finding individuals on Plenty of Fish (POF) got more difficult as the site used to contain a “username search.”

Their username search allowed users hunt up prior individuals they recalled the username of. Sometimes, it also allows someone to find someone they know in real life, such as someone who is cheating on them and wanted to discover. Initially, POF concealed the function, making it difficult to locate but yet allowing users to exploit it. Next, they deleted the choice completely. This is why it is vital to know how to do a POF search.

Many had employed a trick of typing:, into their web browser, after signed in, but doing so now shows users a notice that the function has been “removed,” “had its name changed” or is “currently unavailable.” It’s a technique to blow frequent customers who were used to utilizing the site for simple searches or to research POF frauds.

However, not everyone is in quest of usernames, and many individuals are still interested in discovering someone based on their age, location, or information!

Luckily, there are still techniques to seek find Plenty of Fish profiles.

Follow our straightforward method to swiftly perform a POF search (and discover someone you’re looking for!).

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Plenty of Fish Membership Price

Although you’re free to send and receive messages as a free account user on Plenty of Fish, there are some things you can’t do until you upgrade your Plenty of Fish account.

Here is what you can do in membership:

  • Create an account
  • Add individuals to your list of favorites
  • Search for users (and adjust your search filters) (and tweak your search filters)
  • Send and receive messages

But what can you do as a premium membership?

Plenty of Fish offers a function called “Meet Me” which effectively queues up profiles for you. All you have to do is take a look at someone’s image, and declare whether or not you’d like to meet them. If you do wish to meet them, they will get a notice alerting them that someone is interested in them. It’s the same if someone wants to meet you – but to see who it is, you must be a premium member.

Also, POF will position you at the front of Meet Me if you upgrade your account, which enhances your visibility. You may also check whether or not someone has read your message yet. For some enthusiastic users, this is an important advantage.

As a premium member, you enjoy an ad-free experience, and POF ensures that your profile stands up in the search results more. Because POF has really strong traffic, this is a good bonus.

Apart from that, there aren’t too many additional reasons why you’d upgrade your account. And although the Meet Me is quite an efficient function for locating possible matches and therefore dates, you’ve still got access to the search feature.

What Does Plenty of Fish premium membership cost?

  • 2 months – $23/ month
  • 4 months – $15/month
  • 8 months – $13/ month

Compared to other dating services, POF is fairly priced. It’s not extremely costly, but neither is it very inexpensive.

How can I terminate my paid subscription?

Like many services, you may opt in to upgrade your account from a normal profile to one that provides you additional perks and enhances your probability of meeting the ideal match. But, if you believe that you just aren’t getting any advantages, canceling is straightforward.

We enjoy this approach since you don’t have to completely cancel your account. You just alter your membership to one that doesn’t cost you money. To cancel your subscription do this: 1. Head over to this page and sign in. 2.

On your phone, click on your Account Page on the left. If you’re on a computer, click on the ‘Premium’ page at the top. 3. Select the ‘Click here to let your upgrade expire’ option. 4. Confirm that you’d want to terminate your membership. When the billing cycle renews, you’ll no longer be charged for the service.

Bring in Backup Help

If your POF search has left you disappointed or provided few or no results or things look fishy, then it could be time to attempt outside searches. If you haven’t had luck with the POF search, then sites like Social Catfish might be beneficial.

By employing Social Catfish’s reverse image lookup, the site will perform a master search of the Internet, as a whole, which frequently discovers personal data and profiles in areas one never thought to seek. Social Catfish is beneficial if you have limited time, are unhappy with the results you’ve gotten elsewhere (or lack of!), or want to search smart and quick!

Search usernames, emails, birth, and married names so that you locate the information the minute it comes online. Also, if you want our customized aid, we may help you perform a dating background check with the help of our Search Specialists or discover what you can do it you’ve been catfished here.