Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Launch Trailer Gives A Peek At Savathun’s Past

Bungie released the launch trailer for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen just a few hours before Season of the Lost’s last weekly reset, as players near the end along with Year 4 of Destiny 2.

The launch trailer starts with Savathun referring to something or someone as an old friend and that she has chased them for a long time. The trailer is filled with clues and vague statements giving perspective to The Witch Queen but leaving some things up to players to discover when they play the upcoming expansion.

This trailer reintroduces clips from Bungie’s ViDoc along with a peek at Ikora’s understanding of Savathun. Another part of the trailer gave a glimpse of Savathun holding her worm on the Isle of the Dead-inspired island, looking off into the distance while the Traveler stands above her. This same rocky island is in Savathun’s Throne World trailer and the short cutscene showing the Worm Gods in the ViDoc. Clearly, this island holds importance to the story.

Other snippets shown include Zavala in his office with the Vanguard, with a worm sitting on the desk in front of them. Next, the Vanguard is on Mars in awe of Savathun’s ship revealing itself. After a few clips of gameplay inside her Throne World, the trailer ends with a bang–a first look at the upcoming raid where a Fireteam of six guardians stood ready to enter the Pyramid ship that will serve as the location of the raid that launches on March 5.

Throughout the Season of the Lost, Bungie was secretly building a bridge in the Astral Alignment activity, which may have something to do with the season finale. The upcoming Season of the Risen will launch with The Witch Queen expansion on February 22.

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