Battery Saver Apps For Android And iOS

16 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android and iOS

Battery life is a problem that is essentially related to the functions you use on your device. Some of these functions are very energy-intensive. The only way to get this information is to equip yourself with an app that monitors your battery and gives you detailed information about your system’s energy consumption.

Some of these apps have power-saving features that help you set up your device’s settings to maximize battery life. Discover with us the best tips to extend your battery life and the best battery-saving applications.

The best battery-saving apps for Android and iOS in 2020

It’s hard to find an app that helps you save battery power because most battery-saving measures are done manually, such as setting screen brightness, etc. In many cases, battery-saving applications do more harm than good. However, there are a few apps that can decrease your device’s consumption. We’ll offer you the best battery-saving apps for Android and iOS.

1- Greenify (Android and iOS)

It is one of the most popular applications for battery saving. At first, this application was only available for rooted Android smartphones. Now it is available for all Android devices. However, with a rooted device, the app can offer you more features and more efficiency.

Greenify has modern features for Android; it can put your entire system into hibernation mode to extend your battery’s autonomy. This saves the battery by preventing the applications of your system from launching new activities. All Greenify features are free, but a paid version costs $2.99 if you want to support the development of this application.

2- Battery Doctor (Android and iOS)

Battery Doctor is one of the most popular battery-saving apps. What has made this application very popular is undoubtedly its effectiveness but also its availability in all languages (more than 28 languages supported)? This app is free and developed for both Android and iOS platforms. With a simple click, you can optimize your battery life by shutting down unnecessary, energy-intensive applications.

Battery Doctor monitors the state of your battery based on the type of application that is running. It’s an app that gives you several energy-saving modes depending on your usage. Finally, a widget is associated with the application to access the system settings in a very convenient way (luminosity, wifi, etc.).

3-DU Battery Saver (Android and iOS)

DU Battery Saver is a top-rated application, with more than 400 million users worldwide. This app allows you to extend your battery life quickly. With this app, you can instantly identify and fix your device’s energy consumption problems. The app’s settings will significantly reduce consumption.

The app offers you several options:

  1. A smart mode that’s right for you.
  2. A cooler that automatically disables applications that deplete your device’s resources.
  3. A widget to simplify the management of saving settings.
  4. Battery Monitor that controls all running applications.
  5. The smart charge that accurately displays the remaining charge time.

4-Battery Saver 2020 (Android)

It’s one of the best battery savers for Android in 2017 and 2018. It’s a very accurate battery-saving application that lets you control all energy-intensive applications. Every time your battery reaches a low level, you can start the energy-saving mode.

This app allows you to turn off the functions that consume most of your battery, like wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, brightness, sound, etc. Battery saver also offers you several energy-saving modes like sleep mode. When you sleep and economy mode when you work, a custom mode is also available to adjust your settings.

5-Avast Battery Saver (Android)

Avast not only offered us a powerful and free antivirus but also offers us a powerful battery saver. The app lets you turn down or off the battery economy with just one click. It uses intelligent technology that calculates and displays the remaining battery life and tells you what to do.

If you don’t want to make the adjustments manually, you can choose from pre-defined battery-saving modes based on your need. Avast Battery Saver can extend your battery life by 20% by stopping apps you don’t use. That consumes energy in the background -Avast has again proven its effectiveness with this incredible battery-saving application.

6-Kaspersky Battery Life (Android)

Kaspersky also has its own battery saver. It is one of the most popular battery-saving applications with more than 1 million installations. It’s a free app that helps you boost battery life and also helps you charge faster. Kaspersky Battery Life is the battery saver that automatically monitors each running app and tells you which apps are the most greedy.

Kaspersky will also accurately calculate how much autonomy you have left. Each running application is continuously monitored, even those that work in the background. With Kaspersky Battery Life, you can spend less time worrying about your battery life.

7- McAfee (Android)

Like Kaspersky, Mcfee, in turn, produced his battery saver. The app is not only designed to maximize battery life but also to improve your device’s performance. This application extends battery life by disabling the most energy-intensive tasks.

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It is also found that the Mcfee battery saver is very effective in cleaning files; it can remove unnecessary files like temporary files and advertising files. This cleaning helps free up storage space and helps empty the cache. This app also eliminates hundreds of unwanted photos, such as blurry photos that take up a lot of space and resources.

8- Coconut Battery (iOS)

Coconut Battery is a free app for iOS, so you’ll always be aware of your battery’s current state. Updates to iOS have made it very difficult to access battery technical information. This app is designed to display live all the information you need about your battery.

Information includes battery age, number of recharges, battery health, temperature, battery capacity relative to its original state, and more. This app also gives you the ability to compare your device’s information with other users. A paid version is available if you want to support the development of the application.

9- HD Battery (Android)

HD Battery is a free battery saving app. It has a very well designed user interface with a great design. But the interface isn’t the only advantage of this application because it allows you to calibrate the settings based on the type of device you’re using.

You can customize widgets, alerts, notification bar, and any graphics. With a single touch, you can instantly find out how many hours are left for a particular app. Designed by, it’s a simple and free app with precise battery control. The app earned a rating of 4.6 stars by a total of 511,872 users.

10- GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is a very popular battery saving app. The app can inform you about your device’s most energy-intensive features. You can use this information to improve your autonomy. Gsam is available in two versions; the first is compatible with an uns rooted Android system (default system) and the second for a rooted system (modified system).

Indeed the version for a rooted system can offer you more features because the application will have more authority over your system. A paid version is available from $2.5 to give you more options and more information about your system.

11- Amplify Battery Extender Root (Android Rooted)

Amplify is an application for a rooted Android system; it offers exciting features. Its main feature is the identification of programs that prevent your device from going into sleep mode. Amplify can put an end to all this. You can control apps, notifications, and other services that deplete your battery.

Amplify is an easy-to-use app available for free. A paid version is also available. It’s the pro version that offers you even more features. This is arguably one of the best battery-saving apps for a rooted Android.

12- Wakelock Detector Root

Wakelock Detector is one of the best battery-saving apps for an Android Rooté. As the name suggests, this app detects wake-locks. If you don’t know the wakelock is a feature that launches automatically and forces the processor to stay on, wakelocks include an alarm, notification, download launch, updates, etc. This application is capable of detecting partial and complete wakelocks.

You can also get a list of all the functions that cause wakelocks through this app. From this list, you can take the necessary steps like uninstalling applications that cause more damage or replacing them with others. You can also use another parallel app like Greenify. Wakelock detector remains one of the reference applications for users of a rooted Android.

13- Servicely Root (Android Rooted)

This is one of the best battery-saving apps for users of a rooted Android. This app blocks services that run in the background. You can also choose whether the app will block among those that consume the most energy from your battery. Servicely, then, prevents these applications from working in the background.

You’ll also be able to select which apps will be put to sleep when the view goes off. This application works well with wakelock detectors. Servily root is highly configurable with enough options to operate your device the way you want it. A paid version is also available.

14- Battery Defender (Android)

Battery Defender is also a popular and very easy-to-use application. It tries to achieve the most necessary things to save the battery on Android. Battery Defender allows the wifi to be automatically deactivated and blocks mobile data when the phone’s screen is off, but it also allows apps to sync every 15 minutes.

Battery Defender can turn off the network when the phone owner falls asleep and when the battery level is low. If you want to save battery, your Android Battery Defender is a perfect solution.

15- JuiceDefender (Android)

It is, without a doubt, the longest-lived application with more than 5 million installations since 2012. However, it is still useful. Its free version remains whole and very easy to handle. JuiceDefender allows you to use wifi, 2G, 3G, and 4G connections to save the functionality of each application. It also adjusts the brightness of the screen automatically because the camera doesn’t do it often.

16- Carat (Android and iOS)

Carat is a free battery-saving app. This application is the result of a research project by the University of Helsinki. This research aimed to develop an application capable of analyzing and diagnosing problems related to mobile devices’ high energy consumption.

Carat is available for Android and iOS; it is an efficient application and very different from other applications, especially by the total absence of ads, unlike the majority of battery saving applications. This application detects applications that consume a lot of energy and informs the user to take the necessary steps.

Carat will also compare the state of your battery compared to other users and give you a score after a few days of analysis. Another advantage of this application is that it is simple to use with its well-organized interface and especially without advertisements.

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Top 15 tips to extend battery life on Android or iPhone

The battery saver isn’t just the only solution. Some tips can help you extend your battery life and life, no matter what device you’re using. Here are some simple and practical tips for lowering your system’s energy consumption.

Advice to remember

Adjust your screen’s brightness according to your minimum visibility requirement; for example, in the evening, very low light is enough to see your device’s screen. However, the lower the brightness of your screen, the less energy it uses. Remember that your screen is the primary source of battery discharge.

  1. Uninstall all apps you no longer use. In this way, they do not work in the background and do not consume energy.
  2. Adjust your screen’s brightness according to your minimum visibility requirement; for example, in the evening, very low light is enough to see your device’s screen. However, the lower the brightness of your screen, the less energy it uses. Remember that your screen is the primary source of battery discharge.
  3. Choose a dark theme for your black preference system (black wallpaper also). This allows you to have parts of your screen turned off at any time, which will significantly decrease your battery’s energy consumption.
  4. Avoid playing mobile games if you want to keep your battery charged. You should know that mobile games are very resource-intensive. Make sure you’re close to a charger if you want to play.
  5. Connect to the wifi network whenever possible. Generally, the cellular connection depletes the battery faster than wifi.
  6. Turn off the network connection you don’t use like Bluetooth, wifi, GPS (the greediest), and radio. These are connections that discharge the battery even when they are not in use.
  7. Use battery-saving mode on your device. It is a very efficient model designed by the manufacturer. This mode activates battery-saving functions that applications cannot replicate.
  8. Avoid using the vibrator on your device as it requires a small motor to trigger vibrations. This small component will deplete your battery faster.
  9. Don’t use boosters that make your device faster. These are applications that increase the frequency of your processor by giving it more energy. These applications also find that they block energy-saving processes.
  10. You must then choose between a robust device that discharges quickly and a slower device with better battery life.
  11. Don’t leave your communications apps running when you’re not using them like Facebook, Twitter and others because they’re apps that keep updating data every second to show you everything that’s happening on the network.
  12. The widgets on your home screen are also apps that need the energy to work. Just because they seem inactive doesn’t mean they are inactive. You need to delete all widgets that you don’t use because they consume a lot of energy to show you the new information every second. Not to mention that the animated wallpaper also works in the same way as an app. The animation effects will also have an impact on your battery consumption.
  13. Don’t forget to update your apps. Because apps are often updated to use less energy, you need to make sure the apps you use are up to date.
  14. If you are in an area with low cellular network coverage, your device will consume a lot more energy to try to pick up the signal. This will hurt your battery life. Just switch to airplane mode if you are in an area where the signal is weak.
  15. Turn off notifications that appear all the time; not only is it annoying, but they also consume energy. Blocking an app notification will prevent the processor from checking it from time to time; it will help you extend your battery life.

Tips to extend your battery life for your mobile device.

It’s possible to extend your battery life, no matter what type of device you’re using. Here are some simple and practical tips to help you do it without installing a battery-saving app:

  1. Keep your phone cool Smartphone batteries degrade much faster when they’re in a warm environment. Avoid leaving your phone on the dashboard of your car because the battery will be directly exposed.
  2. Keep you charged between 40% and 80% The best way to maintain a smartphone’s battery is to keep the charge at more than 40%. It is continuously letting the battery drain completely will reduce its capacity over time and can even damage it. On the other hand, leaving the battery plugged in when it is 100% can also reduce its capacity. The best way is to keep your battery charged between 40% and 80%.
  3. Just use the charger that comes with the phone: A charger that is not suitable for your battery type can reduce capacity. Keep in mind that cheap chargers can damage your battery as they can cause overheating when recharging.
  4. Avoid complete discharge of your battery: don’t wait until your phone goes off to recharge, this will significantly reduce your battery’s ability to hold longer.


The battery saver helps you significantly improve battery life, and following the tips help you extend its life. But you must know that your battery will eventually die. You should also know that there is no way to make a battery last forever. Keep in mind that the battery contains toxic materials; make sure not to throw the old battery in the trash. Use special boxes to recycle batteries.