Amazon Deals for paying less

Amazon Deals: 10 unstoppable tips to pay less!

Amazon is the world’s best-known online sales site. He is part of the Gafa alongside Google, Apple, and Facebook. Some are turning away from the site for its tax practices and the working conditions of employees.

For many, this is a must-have shopping site to find everything you need in just a few clicks. Discover ten unstoppable and sometimes hidden tips to pay less with your Amazon account! Become an expert on Amazon deals!

Before I get to the heart of the matter, I’d like to give you valid tip to save on all your purchases on the internet. Always always take a few minutes to compare prices on other sites before you buy.

The 10 Amazon deals valid all year round:

  1. Buy products up to -75% thanks to flash sales
  2. Find Amazon’s hidden promotions
  3. Take advantage of free shipping with products for less than 5 euros
  4. Buy on Market Place
  5. Easily spot almost new used products
  6. Set up a price alert
  7. Compare prices on Amazon’s European sites
  8. Testing the benefits of Amazon Prime For Free
  9. Get 15% off household products
  10. Buy almost new reconditioned products

In the rest of the article, I explain in detail how to take advantage of these good Amazon deals.

Amazon’s great deals: flash sales

Amazon offers dozens of products at -75%, but they prefer to direct customers to products whose margins are higher. However, a page on the site gathers all the good deals of the moment (link below). Once on the page, sort through categories (just check the right category on the left side of the page). You can even choose the desired price and discount range.

If you’re looking to find THE bargain, don’t settle for the first page. Try to vary the prices and percentages of promotions you’re looking for.

To simplify your search, here are the direct links to the main pages of Amazon deals.


Beyond the flash sales mentioned above, there is also a page containing the old collections, end of series, items ordered in too large quantities … offered at discounted prices, of course!! Even harder to find than the previous one (even more hidden), this page contains discounted products in all site categories regardless of your amazon account.

Amazon Hidden Promotions

Just click on the category of your choice to see the entire selection available. Products are regularly added, so don’t hesitate to check these pages frequently.

Don’t buy a product just because it’s on sale. Buy a product first and foremost because it meets a need.

Take advantage of free shipping.

Delivery is free on Amazon, starting at $25 purchase. The product must be sold by Amazon (not a marketplace seller). The delivery fee can range from $2.79 to €9.99 depending on your purchases and the options you choose. To avoid paying for the shipping, there is a simple trick. Just add a small investment to reach the sum of 25 euros of purchase.

Once again, a page on the site brings together all the objects for less than 5 degrees. Also, they are categorized. So you just have to find a small item to make the complement and thus benefit from free shipping!!

💡 If you are looking for a product of less than 1 or 6 degrees, it is possible. Once on the All-month page of 5 degrees, choose a category. Then in the menu left to sort the results by changing the price range.

The MarketPlace

Before you finalize your order, make sure you buy a product from Amazon. Today, it is possible to purchase many products from partners who sell on Amazon. This is called the MarketPlace.

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Items ordered from partners are not eligible for free shipping. Also, in case of a problem, you will have to deal with the seller and not have Amazon. If there is a problem, a purchase guarantee applies, but you won’t have as complete protection as buying directly from Amazon. If the difference is a few cents, think twice!

Buy used products

The MarketPlace still has an advantage! It allows you to find almost new used products at a low price. Many are unaware that it is possible to find used products and simply browse new products on Amazon. However, on the sheet of an article, it is very simple to take a look at the second-hand offers available.

Here is the procedure to buy, for example, your books, at the best price!

On the product sheet below the paper price (top arrow), you have a list of the opportunities offered for the same book. It is also possible to click buy used directly, but I prefer to compare offers.

By clicking on used books (top arrow), you will see a long list of opportunities appear. In the first column, you will find the price details with the delivery fee (the list is ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive). Then in the second column, indications on the general state of the delivery, pay attention to these details so as not to have any nasty surprises. Then, in the third column, take a good look at the seller’s rating and the ratings he received (95% and at least 10-15 reviews). Finally, the estimated delivery date and return conditions are specified.

Discover free books on Amazon

💡 You can also download your first free audiobook, designed to be listened to everywhere with ease.

Price alerts to pay less on Amazon

With the new hidden pages of Amazon that you just discovered, you probably think that you have all the cards in hand to pay less on Amazon every time. Sorry to disappoint you, but just because a price is reduced doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. 

The price may be higher than a month ago or higher than on other sites. So how do you do that? It’s very simple!! There is a fascinating tool that will allow you to check if Amazon’s price is lower than the competition and, above all, to see the evolution of the item’s price.

Amazon Price Comparison

To know the evolution of a price, you just have to copy-paste the web address of the desired object on the comparator.

:idea: I did the test for a hairdryer taken at random on the site at the price of 28.25. I discovered through the comparison that Amazon was cheaper than its competitors who sell the item at an average price of 36.06 euros. On the other hand, to my surprise, Amazon had increased the price recently since three months earlier, the price displayed was 20.17!

This tool will also allow you to create an alert to be notified when prices drop. Amazon prices vary a lot. But when prices are low, bargains go fast, so you might as well be warned! It’s very simple, you insert the URL of the desired item, and you enter a maximum price. As soon as the price goes below your maximum price, you will be notified by email.

Compare with European prices.

Amazon has a different site for almost every European country. A smart tool can verify that the price is no less high on Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, or Spain. It even converts prices into euros to allow you to check if the price is lower clearly. You can buy from all Amazon sites with the same Amazon account.

European price comparison

💡 For example, on a DYSON hand vacuum cleaner, the price ranged from $162.69 ( to $234.44 (! On a DYSON fan, the price ranged from 349.70 ( to 433.03 (!

The best price differences are usually found on high-end electrical items. Before you jump on the right deal, take a few precautions:

  • delivery costs: free book in France, but this is not the case for other Amazon sites in Europe. So compare prices by adding shipping costs.
  • Translate the page: Most browsers offer to translate the page into a click. It’s always better to read the terms of sale in your language.
  • Some bans: kindle and marketplace products cannot be sold in another European country
  • European plugs: don’t forget that the plugs are not the same all over Europe, consider buying adapter (2) if the offer is worth it.
  • Amazon Austria and Amazon Netherlands are not included in the comparator, so make your comparison manually.
  • Amazon US: In Europe, goods can move freely, but for a product from the United States, tariffs will apply. Also, consumer rights vary, so stay on European sites instead.
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Enjoy Amazon Prime For Free

As has already been explained, Amazon offers a free delivery fee starting at 25 euros. But optimizing your Amazon account to get free shipping and other benefits is better, isn’t it?

For EUR 49 per year, Amazon Prime Program members benefit from:

  • Free 1-day delivery on millions of items
  • Priority access to flash sales
  • Access to secure and unlimited storage of their photos
  • The ability to borrow books for free through the extensive Kindle Loan Library

The 30-day trial offer

Your Amazon account allows you to test this service for free for one month. So you can enjoy it for 30 days and then simply stop your subscription.

With free delivery in 1 working day on more than 2 million items and free delivery in 2 working days on 3 million additional items, forget all your problems.

Free trial offer

The Amazon Prime Student offer

Students can sign up for Prime Student and enjoy all the benefits of the Amazon Prime program. And especially for them, the trial offer is three months free!!

The subscription is 24 euros per year or 50% cheaper than the Amazon Prime Classic offers. Of course, the registration is cancelable at any time.

Get 15% off household products.

From the vacuum bag to the kibbles for your cat, it is possible to receive many items with an exciting promotion thanks to the service “Save by subscribing.”

The Save by Subscribe program allows you to subscribe to regular deliveries of items you frequently use while receiving a discount on the site price and free shipping. The subscription is completely free, and you can unsubscribe at any time, change the desired quantity or frequency, or cancel a specific delivery.

💡 For diapers and baby wipes, the savings are 20% to 30%!

Amazon reconditioned

Another shopping page filled with Amazon deals is often overlooked. This is the repackaged category. Don’t imagine that this page only includes second-hand, refurbished iPhones! You’ll find many products in all categories, from home to toys to DIY. Some items have just a slightly damaged carton of packaging and are therefore sold at a price less than new while the product has not been damaged.

To find out in detail why the object is in the repackaged category, click on more information (see image below).

💡 I have already purchased several products in this category, including joseph’s brand kitchen products whose packaging was only damaged. Knowing that the packaging is useless and goes directly to the trash does not bother me. On the other hand, the savings realized, it’s always taken!

💡 Feel free to keep this page in your favorites, to have all of these Amazon deals on hand the next time you shop.

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